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Without realizing that document of the last portion was not completed. The manager called his subordinates to prepare the missing information for him on Sunday before he could submit the final document to the customer. The time was wasted and the document was readied for the submission by the very late in the day, which caused sever impact to the customer’s process of budget preparation.

The next Monday meeting was like hell. The manager was mad at his subordinates, while the subordinates was so confused and torn down. I was called to help them identify the root cause of the problem and how to avoid the mistake again.

I urgently called the meeting with all participating staffs who involved with the event on the weekend. I did not asked the manager to attend. This is to avoid the psychological fear from the power figures to presence in the room.

I started with the timeline and jot down the happening in sequences with time stamp to make sure the events are sorted and appear in chronological orders for easy reference. We passed through of what had happened and what went wrong, before identifying the cause of event. The final piece was how to avoid the mistake again.

We came up with a few solutions and commitment that the staffs will promise to deliver to avoid such mistake. There were also the solution that reflect the behavior of the manager that was the cause of mistake as well. The reflecting of what the staffs sees will also be reverted to the manager to complete the feedback loop. This is to demonstrate how powerful the reflective learning from the group to avoid the repeated mistake can help a company in turmoil situation to overcome the difficulties and help them learn.

"We came up with a few solutions and commitment that the staffs will promise to deliver to avoid such mistake."

Using KM Tool to Boost Employee’s Morale

​​One of our client encountered a sever performance expectation problem. They called for help from us. We used a retrospective learning to reflect of what had happened during a restless busy weekend of client engagement. The reflective learning shadowed of what had happened and what was the radical root cause of such terrible mistake. The key take away was addressed and the mistake will not be repeated.

It was a normal weekend of others, but for this client, the weekend was filled with drama and tear-shed. The client of us is an IT Solution Integrating company. They provided of IT system installation and after-sales services. Their client are enterprise clients and government sectors. During the couple of these weeks, they are engaging a project with a government customers who is looking for a radio network installation. They are in the middle of project specification definition and compilation. With the help of this IT company, the compilation of specification s underway. There were many details of document to prepare and many information to be digested.

That weekend was crucial to the customer that they must have all required information ready for Monday budget defend. The manager of the IT company asked their subordinates to prepare for al required document. 3 out of 4 documents were ready by Friday evening, having the last portion of document readied on Saturday, just in time to submit to the customer.