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Workshop Organization

​Thursday 5th March 2020

Venue: Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok

Cost: 10,000 Baht (plus 7% Vat)

Payment: Innovitro Co. Ltd. KTB 094-8-22156-5

Contact: Dr. Chulatep Senivongse


Organizational Zoo

Masterclass (Practioner Certification)

Context and application: 
Behavioral adaptability in VUCA times 
(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)

Knowledge and relationships has become increasingly critical in recent times of constant transformation. Those who KNOW who to collaborate with and how, leverage a wider scope of knowledge, generating value faster than those around them. However and too often this value has been over commercialized. This focus on transfer of value for profit rather than creating value is not the right mindset for sustained transformative growth.

The value of conscious behavioral adaptability is new and powerful, especially in times of rapid change. Creating the optimal ecosystem and community leadership drives initiatives that stimulate sustainable growth and at the same time creates a sense of identity, trust and relationship. Insights and innovations emerge from the gaps between the diversity of knowledge and experiences.

This experiential workshop brings people together into “Creative Friction” (constructive dialog about differences) to understand and respect diversity and adaptability. In doing so, shows how to BOTH lead and manage different thinking, build more robust relationships and elevate the performance of teams, organisations and society generally.

Workshop Details 

Performance is a direct outcome of how people interact. Future success in our constantly transforming environment requires rapid cocreation of new knowledge and insights and putting these into action. This workshop engages participants in an exploratory experience of how creative metaphor enables us to build trusted relationships and become more adaptable. 

We will discover how Organizational Zoo behavior games enable us to adapt and interact more productively. We look at the many contexts of human behavior and how it is a critical element of everything humans do together, including: Collaboration, Leadership, Creativity, Opportunity creation, Problem solving, reducing conflict and more… We will explore the behavioral differences in the mindset of leadership compared to management and the impacts these have on context, interactions and decision-making. To create the most value-generating future, we learn from what is known to focus more on what knowledge and relationships we need to create stimulate future growth opportunities. 

Sustained success comes from leveraging existing and past knowledge and relationships to inform strategy creation rather than reacting to strategy made in the isolation of present knowledge. We benefit from challenging the idea that education should preserve our existing ideas and transfer them to the next generation, because this is limited to what is already known. We create a Applied Social Learning Ecosystem to accelerate development of everyone involved. 

Metaphor and visualizations can facilitate co-creation of new knowledge through iterative planning and implementation cycles, that informs strategic decision cycles. Introducing divergent conversations into the processes accelerates learning before, during and after to sustain continuous value growth. This inclusive, practical and interactive session will explore how organisations can leverage creative metaphors to drive creativity, innovation and overall performance in what becomes an ongoing learning process.

Typical workshop participants 

Leaders, managers, team members and facilitators engaging in professional development involving culture, behavior, engagement, stakeholder analysis, knowledge transfer, building teams and trust.

Note: Workshop organised in English by Dr. Athur Shelley, Falcilitated in Thai by Dr. Chulatep Senivongse and Dr. Genevieve Lim

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