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Innovation Measures

  • Strategizing and igniting the climate for innovation
  • Innovative culture assessment

KM Governance

  • KM Plan development
  • KM Office role and responsibility
  • Taxonomy and Business process KM integration (Stage gate)
  • Collective Intelligence Maturity Assessment Survey

Competitive Advantage Measures

  • KM Practice and Financial Performance
  • Intellectual Capital Assessment and Analysis

Community and Collaboration

  • CoP lifecycle management and sustainability
  • CoP maturity assessment

Innovitro Knowledge and Innovation framework covers all aspect of an organization to provide a complete stance to become a world-class highly achievable outcomes from our methodology and methods. We have tools, skills, and experiences to guid you and let you adapt the practices and realize the benefits from the tangible and intangible measures. Our practices will help you attain highly competitive advantage and even help you reach a new level of process and practical innovations.

Our approach consists of three major parts. The first part is the strategizing the KIM environment. In this part we assess the existing practices, the culture that fits for doing KIM and the supportive environment readiness. The second parts are the process to conduct KIM itself. At this stage, you will see how the past historical retrospective hindsight will help improve the current insight, and ensure the new capability development for the future foresight. The third part involves the measures of program success. In this stage we have method to help you think systematically to reach new level of innovative practicality.

With our program, your organization will embed the best practices that is customized for your success, specifically made for you and you alone.

Company Value Driven

  • Align KM Program with company’s values
  • Develop Business Case
  • Develop KM Valuation matrix
  • KM value chain 

Transition Management (Change) 

  • Plan, Develop, and Implement the change management program using knowledge-centric approach
  • Conduct Maturity Assessment and benchmarking

Knowledge Technology

  • Collaborative platform
  • Knowledge asset repository
  • Knowledge capture technology
  • Repository Access Measurement
  • Experties Locator

Strategizing KM

  • Define KM Framework
  • Align with company’s business direction
  • Identify measuring matrix with BSC and Strategic Map
  • Preparation for ISO 30401

Our Knowledge and Innovation Framework

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