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The Individual Mind of Change and Action Learning Model

A change is considered a success when the individuals in the change program change their behaviors according to the objective of the program.  70% of the Change Management Initiatives in organizations fail, APQC (2013).  Organization that is successfully implementing the change and stay sustain to business processes tend to get ahead faster and stay ahead longer (Keller and Aiken, 2013).  To make the change program implementation success and sustain, that change program must align and be embedded into everyday activities.  There are 7 factors that have impacts to an individual embracing of change to occur (Bennet and Bennet , 2007).  They are Awareness, Understanding, Believing, Feeling Good, Ownership, and Empowerment (A U B F O E) to reach for Impact.

The good change program must encompass an individual with all aspects for change implementation to be successful and sustain.  The change to be successful must comes from an individual learning.  The program must make an individual to have awareness of the impact of change and the benefit the program will gain.  After getting the insight, individual will understand the necessity of change.  The belief will be emerged, as change will bring goodness.  After having a chance to participate as a part of the change implementation, the individual will have good feeling as being a change agent.  He then will take ownership to see the change get implemented elsewhere.  Lastly he would be the change agent to take this implementation and becomes the empowered advocate.

"Common Activities Pertaining to Change Implementation and Association with The Individual Learning Model"

Using Appreciative Inquiries (AI) as the tool to raise a success case of implementation and examining for the success pattern, the key activities of successful change implementation.  AI helps collecting some samples/stories that has positive impact to change occurs in an organization.  The extracted pattern not only bring about the best practices in doing a certain things, it also engraved with each organization specific cultures that are unique to each and every organization.

With analysis for commonality of success case in change implementation, there are a few activities that must be carried.  The following are the list of common activities that each change management program has.

Build Infrastructure to serve as foundation to the program. Infrastructure is the core foundation of the system of implementation.  It may include the IT systems that accommodate the program, a space to collaborate the program, the acquiring of tools to support, or even the building of capabilities of staffs to charter the program.
Get management buy-in and sponsor the program. Management acts as the role model as the change ambassador.
Staff must be trained to ride the wave of change.  No matter easy or complex system, training is always a crucial part.
Continuous of delivering message to make sure the program is heard, the message is clear, and to create understanding.
Promoting & Reward. This creates recognition and brings value to individual.
Embed practice into process. This part is very crucial to make it stick.
Provide and benchmark result/value return. Benchmarking with easy to understand target with comparison of others in the same industry will boost awareness and understanding.

— Optional —-

Build into Performance Appraisal Index
Shared team status. This creates a “you are one of us” unity culture.

These activities, when assess by the 7 factors of individual Action Learning, occupies all factors in combination.  However, no single activity can fulfill the factors.  When implementing a change program, series of activities must be conducted simultaneously.


The Change Management Program activities are summarized from successful change program implementation using appreciative inquiry tool.  When framed with factors for individual action learning paradigm, the activities provide comprehensive coverage of all factors.  This ensures that, to implement a successful change management program, each individual in the program will become the change agent and lead to the spread of change through the organization.