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As the Future Catch Us: Business Disruption and Digital Transformation

​During 23-24 December 2017, Energy Policy and Planning Organization (EPPO) organized their annual away day event. With the coming of the renewable energy and the electric vehicle that might disrupt the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle, EPPO invited us to share with them the coming of age technology will bring and how Digital Transformation can have impact to the near future. By that the real questions was how they see their organization in the digital age, what do they have to do to prepare for the upcoming threat, and how they could develop their people ready to face the new challenge.

Our one-day session were divided into two, having the morning to portray them of what business disruption is, how to spot them, how to take advantage and how to ride along the tide of change, and how digital transformation can come and help them taking advantage of the threat of change. In second session was the workshop asking how their staffs see their organization in the near future of 5 years and represent them as Super EPPO hero.

The information that was collected from the session were analyzed, thematized, and group into Vision of how EPPO see itself to be, the strategic mission on how to reach there, and the core values of their staffs.