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DescriptionType of Sensors
Water QualityMeasure the quality of water in the reservoir or at the releasing point to the public environmentpH Balance, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Conductivity, Turbidity
Pollution Leakage
Measure the level of pollution on waste water at the releasing point to the natural environment
Extreme pH value, DO
River FloodsMeasure the flow of water along the river bank or at the reservoir dam.Water Level, Ultrasound
Air Quality
Measure the quality of air in the industrial estateNO2, SH2, CO, CO2, CH4
Forestry Monitoring
Measure the forestry fire and the abundant of forestry resources.O2, O3, Thermal, Temperature, moisture


The environmental becomes concerns for everyone. Key business sustainability depend on environmental safety and impact control. Heavy industries are facing challenges from communities in their operating areas. The monitoring of environmental impact from operations is normally done on a periodical basis. Even EIA has this regulation on sampling the environmental threat to the community for the industries to comply, but that is far from enough. From the news headlines, we always see the topics of oil spills, or toxic waste dump into the water stream.

It would be much more effective if we could monitor the toxic level of these industrial hazardous waste being monitored in real-time before doing any irreversible harms to the environment.

Key Benefits

The environmental watch solution from Innovitro performs real-time monitoring of waste and toxic in the operating area with data to support actions before the hazard can impact the environment of the surrounding community.

  • ​It detects the regulated wastage and release of toxic gas and chemical to ensure the release level is under allowable level.
  • It will alarm the responsible persons to immediately react when the toxic level is breached and before the circumstances goes out of hand.
  • The rapid response will save a whole lots of money as treating and controlling is cheaper than curing and healing.
  • It saves the public images and may even saves the operating license as the impact to environment is controlled and operation is done with safety and friendly to the environment.


Innovitro Solution

Innovitro has the perfect solution to monitor the environment. Multiple kinds of sensors can be applied into the exposed environment and in real time, sending the reading data back to the navigation center. Information like the water condition and toxic waste that are release into the water are continually monitored. And if the level of allowable waste is more than the control threshold, alarming for treatment will trigger the actions from the responsible persons before the damage is done to the nature.

In the operating area like in the industrial park and hydrocarbon electricity plant or mineral mining area, environmental threat like toxic waste gas or released chemical can be monitored. And in the case of accidental release into nature, the outspread can also be monitored and controlled by the use of climatological sensors to predict the spreading impact and be prepared before it gets worst.