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Key Benefits

The Innovitro's Drone as a Service deliver the following returns:

  • Much more efficient way in inspecting outside plant equipment. 
  • Reduce cost in less involving field personnel.
  • Fast respond to the emergency and save time on search and rescue.
  • Collective data for cognitive analytic can help doing better planning

Drone as a Service (DaaS)

Service Regimes
DescriptionService Capacity
Emergency response and Search & Rescue
search & rescue operations for more accurate and efficient search of lost people, even in most difficult and extreme conditions.
·Human detection: Thermal imager allows it to locate persons heat emitting , even in low visibility situations.

·All weather, all terrain: drone can be used in every weather condition, in spite of the rain, snow, strong winds and fog.

·Obstacle avoidance: Despite of the geographical conditions, dense forests, swamps and ponds are not obstacles for the drones work.
Monitoring, assessment
and post
assessment crisis
Monitoring, post assessment crisis and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) operations
Provide air support, increase situational awareness and participates to civil security. By allowing a rapid reaction and reducing human exposure.
Utility Inspection
Vertical infrastructure, property, gas pipeline
·Stack volume count

·Power line inspection

·Substation survey

·Line route survey

·Right-of-way surveillance

·Rapid response
Agricultural inspection
Expected yield and actual yield don’t ever match up in the real world. And while farmers can’t control the weather, they can improve the tools they have to manage their fields. Growers have reported that drones have reduced their management yield gaps by up to 25%—all with images gained from flights that can cost less than a bushel an acre.·Drone flight Calculator for agriculture

·Shapefile statistics

·Plant height

·Canopy cover

·Crop germination
Power line & energy equipment monitoringThermal data & imagery·Power line & energy equipment monitoring

·Building efficiency testing & auditing

·Environmental monitoring and inspection

·REAL-TIME testing and temperature measurements

·Radiometric data collection, storage, and post review

·Security, search, & rescue emergency services
Aerial MappingAerial mapping for agriculture and land property management. UAV & DRONE technology can vastly reduce risk by minimizing the time that ground personnel spend on site collecting less accurate ground based data. Drone-based data collection often dramatically boosts productivity allowing projects that once took days or weeks using traditional surveying methods to be accurately accomplished within hours
·Precision geo-reference 2D maps and 3D remodelling

·Precise 2D measurements

·Stockpile volume calculations

·Digital Scouting for precision agriculture processes

·Surface mining

·Open pit mining

·Construction site mapping & planning

·Material volume measurement

·Infrastructure planning


"We don't make drone, we make them work."

Drone can do more than just aerial photography. It can be put into service, in performing; search & rescue or emergency respond, construction site aerial inspection, industrial facility inspection, agricultural mapping and analysis, or assist in outside plant power/telecom line installation.

Innovitro Solution

We have experts in field inspection and professional certified drone pilots to help you put the extra eye in the sky to help you gains the new insight with cheapest, most efficient way of doing inspection, mapping, and analyzing the remote sensing result for rapid respond actions and planning.